"Better character challenges the ego. Challenging the ego releases fear. The less fear you have the more light you can see." Tina Craig



Putting Evolution into Practice

Practical Evolution™ is a deeper approach to healing and growth that naturally opens your heart to Divine guidance, and aligns you with the deep fulfillment of living your True Purpose.

The Universe knows more about happiness than we do, and it is asking us to evolve. Just by following your heart you align with your highest path...but the obstacles are also part of that journey. Engaging with those obstacles and growing through them will keep you aligned with your greatest possibilities for happiness. 

The biggest challenge is overcoming the influence of Ego. Whenever we operate from fear, we block Divine guidance because fear and love cannot exist in the same space. Ego is the keeper of all the fear, and it shows up as protection, justification, insecurity, prejudice, doubt and anything else that blocks love, freedom or creativity.

Transcending Ego means evolving beyond these issues - not just rising above in the moment, but healing deeply enough that the issues are genuinely resolved. By going all the way to the source and healing ego at the core, your highest authentic self becomes your natural state, and the dreams in your heart can start to unfold.

Practical Evolution™ takes the mystery out of Divine guidance and transcending ego. By clearly identifying the issues and healing them at the source, you’ll feel the weight of ego lift as you discover the freedom to keep following your dreams. You can start wherever you are and go as far as you want, but each step will take you toward a stronger connection with Divine guidance and the spiritual treasures of your true purpose.

Let the Magic Happen Every Day!


When you grow, the Universe delivers.