The Path of True Purpose

Your greatest contribution to the world and your path of greatest happiness are linked together in something I call True Purpose. This is the Divine vision for your life, representing your highest possible potential at any point. It can be found by developing a clear, reliable channel to Divine Guidance, and allowing it to infiltrate your life with its wisdom.

It sounds easy enough to find True Purpose by following your heart, but because we are human, we all have Ego, and Ego will dictate how much of this Divine vision we can access. Continued personal development can systematically disarm the Ego, and reveal higher layers of purpose as you go.

Lotus Flower: Enlightenment

The challenge of Ego has been sorely underestimated, leaving us without much success in operating beyond it. Rather than addressing it as a situational challenge, I approach Ego as a pervasive personality construct, and have found powerful ways to gain a practical advantage.

Just like love and fear do not coexist in the same space, Divine wisdom and Ego are opposed as well. You will not expand your connection to Divine Guidance without reducing and disarming the Ego, and that’s just spiritual physics.

Accordingly, the path of True Purpose is one of healing and growth, down to the original foundations of every limit you have. Healing at the source rather than the surface provides a genuine pervasive freedom to take quantum leaps and truly evolve into your best self.

Meanwhile, as you challenge Ego, you will find that it has a way of using distraction and justification to change your mind about growing too far.

My secret weapon against that is developing exceptional character. When you set your standards for honesty, responsibility, and integrity at their highest possible levels, you reach beyond the walls of Ego toward a North Star that will help you keep your bearings when Ego gets crafty.  This is where we become warriors for our own freedom and face Ego head on.

Combining the deep healing approach with the development of exceptional character combats the Ego from both sides. With every step of development, the influence of Ego loses ground, and your channel to reliable Divine Guidance gains more clarity. Your True Purpose will take shape as you develop your partnership, and eventually every day is a Divine adventure.

This is the path I have chosen and developed for myself, and I have decades of experience to share.

Let's put more Purpose in your Personal Growth!



Divine Guidance Skills

Once Ego is sufficiently disarmed by your dedicated efforts to heal and grow, Divine Guidance has a better channel to start directing your life. However, the Universe doesn’t deliver these instructions in clear, well-crafted sentences. There are images, words, feelings, coincidences, dreams, and plenty of other options for messages to arrive, and you'll have to learn how to interpret them. I personally count on about twenty different avenues that include songs, wildlife, portals, trance states, and an occasional stack of index cards, but I have been doing this a long time.

Divine Guidance
Partnership with Divine Guidance

The more clarity and skill you have, the easier it will be to develop new channels. The more channels you have available, the more dimensions there are to assemble a complete picture. I see it like a piece of art that the Universe paints on your life. The more brushes and colors you provide, the more depth the painting can have.

As listening is only half of a conversation, receiving guidance is only one side of the partnership. Once you have identified your strongest avenues for receiving messages, you can use those channels to participate in a two way conversation to gain clarity, ask for confirmation, or just find some reassurance.

Developing your own ability to participate in the conversation is a skill set to learn, almost like learning a foreign language. As with growing beyond the boundaries of Ego, this can be a life-long pursuit, but if you can apply the patience and take the time, the journey is far more colorful.

More color for my journey, please!



Ideal Human State

Imagine yourself after resolving all of the incidental limits you have now, mastering your interaction with other people through exceptional character, reclaiming your life from the clutches of Ego, and partnering with the Universe on the highest possible path for your life. You'd be a pretty outstanding human.

Eagle: Wisdom, Courage and Strength

To me, the ultimate goal in Personal Mastery is to reach an Ideal Human State, and that's basically what it looks like. As I define it, it's the ability to operate outside the boundaries of Ego in two realms - with other humans, and with the Universe.

In both realms, progress is based not on your internal sense of yourself, as it might be with a meditation or mindfulness practice, but on your interactions. The way you behave in relationship to other people and the way you execute messages from Divine Guidance can both be measured objectively to be sure your progress is showing up in your life.

Even if we never make it all the way there, the pursuit itself will raise the bar for humanity.



You can learn a lot more about my approach through my blogs, but the real power shows up when we can work together.

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Development in Two Phases

I see two phases in personal development that are required for operating outside the boundaries of Ego: Finding Balance and Challenging Ego.

Most humans are in the first phase, Finding Balance.

Freedom from Ego
Finding Freedom from Ego

Finding Balance involves cleaning house on the outdated issues that limit your ability to function as well as you would like. These are the challenges with relationships, career, stress, well being, physical discomfort, or any other kind of constant struggle. Once you lighten the load, Ego has far less power, your freedom is more genuine, and new options are easier to pursue. It removes the challenges rather than just managing them, and prepares a strong foundation for more advanced work if you choose.

Advancing to the second phase, Challenging Ego, takes more courage because you move beyond the norms of society.

Society has determined a standard for “good enough”, and people are simply not comfortable being challenged by a higher example. When you venture beyond this standard, you challenge not only your own Ego but the collective Ego of society, so be prepared for the personal hurdles to get even bigger.

This is where we develop exceptional character, which not only raises the bar for your behavior with other people, it continually challenges Ego, allowing you to continue the personal work of reducing its influence.

Less Ego, more freedom? Yes please!