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Getting out of struggle is the first step on the journey of practical evolution. As unresolved emotional issues accumulate, they can lead to anything from minor stress to physical un-wellness. Being purposeful about your personal growth means healing those issues at their source so you can move forward again. Here I explore ways to reveal what your underlying issues might be, provide a few tools that you can try, and encourage everyone to consider taking this journey with a professional, like me, who can really help you break through and find freedom.

Before you can master your life you must first master your self. Personal Mastery is the process of developing exceptional character.

When you change, all else changes around you. As you clear out old habits, you might see improvements in your creativity, motivation, confidence, or intuition. The people around you will all notice something different so your work can become more inspired and your relationships can become more productive. And if your existing circumstances aren't able to change with you, better ones will start to find you. 

My strategy is built more on healing than will power. Challenging yourself to be better will reveal the issues that keep you from moving forward. These blogs will show you the building blocks of Personal Mastery, but if any of them trigger discomfort, you have found an opportunity to heal.

Once you have found your freedom from struggle, transcending ego is the next step in Practical Evolution. To access Divine Guidance and discover true purpose, we need to rise above the needs of human ego so that being present is a continuous, genuine state. To get there, we step up with authenticity, courage, and humility to challenge the remnants of ego-based fear, then clear those issues to generate a higher level of creativity.

Each of us has a true purpose, a set of unique gifts to contribute to the world, and aligning your life with your true purpose is where genuine happiness lies. Dedicating your life to growth and developing a genuine partnership with Divine Guidance can put you on that path and send you in directions you would never even imagine on your own. Here we explore the tools and attitudes that help you put that partnership in motion. Remember, the Universe knows more about happiness than we do!

Healing the Issues

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Transcending Ego

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Divine Guidance

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