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Personal Mastery

Before you can master your life you must first master your self. Personal Mastery is the process of developing exceptional character.

When you change, all else changes around you. As you clear out old habits, you might see improvements in your creativity, motivation, confidence, or intuition. The people around you will all notice something different so your work can become more inspired and your relationships can become more productive. And if your existing circumstances aren't able to change with you, better ones will start to find you. 

My strategy is built more on healing than will power. Challenging yourself to be better will reveal the issues that keep you from moving forward. These blogs will show you the building blocks of Personal Mastery, but if any of them trigger discomfort, you have found an opportunity to heal.

  1. Personal Mastery - Personal Mastery means developing exceptional character. It’s becoming the best person you can be and inspiring others by example.
  2. Cleaning Up - By finding enough humility to stand completely in someone else's shoes, you can change your relationships forever.
  3. Forgiveness and Permission - We have been conditioned to believe “it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.” When someone fails to keep their word, they have placed the burden on you, but forgiveness is your choice.
  4. Love as an Active Verb - Actions always speak louder than words, and there is no better place to apply that than our concept of love.
  5. Owning Your Choices - Along the road to being completely authentic, the most powerful tool I have found is responsibility - owning every choice you make for better or worse.
  6. Growing Up Is Good! - Somehow we feel like growing up is boring or hard or somehow not cool. This strikes me as something a teenager would say, but not someone who has actually grown up.
  7. Water Under the Bridge - Following a disagreement, tempers cool off with time and people usually go back to the relationship as if nothing happened…or do they?
  8. Where Are Your Exceptions? - We speak of honesty, integrity and the ideals of great character in absolute terms, but few of us hold ourselves impeccably to those standards.
  9. I'm Sorry - “I’m sorry” is a common ingredient in working through misunderstandings…but how often do we stop there and excuse ourselves from the rest of the work?

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