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Divine Guidance

Each of us has a True Purpose, a set of unique gifts to contribute to the world, and aligning your life with your True Purpose is where genuine happiness lies.

Dedicating your life to growth and developing a genuine partnership with Divine Guidance can put you on that path and send you in directions you would never even imagine on your own.

Here we explore the tools and attitudes that help you put that partnership in motion. Remember, the Universe knows more about happiness than we do!

  1. Becoming Serene - The Divine messages that connect you with your highest True Purpose can be delivered at any time of day, not just the time you have set aside to be quiet.
  2. Accessing Higher Self with Clients - Here is an example of how I use dynamic visualization to access the higher selves of my clients.
  3. Can Outdated Fear Affect Your Intuition? - When you consider a decision and feel some kind of discomfort, is it a sign of fear holding you back? Or is the higher self really saying no?
  4. True Purpose - On the path of true purpose, Divine wisdom will send you in unexpected directions toward unique opportunities and perfect connections that your ego would never find on its own.
  5. Transcending Ego - The Universe is always trying to help us choose the path of higher self, but it can’t be heard when we are under the influence of ego.
  6. The Basics of Receiving Guidance - It has taken me decades to develop the connection I have, but here are some of the basics to get you started.
  7. Magical Obstacles - This confusing, magical obstacle course continues to inspire you one minute and knock you off balance the next, and your new reality develops as you go.
  8. Allowing Divine Guidance in Stages - One day, we decide that this Divine force might understand happiness better than we do, so we soften the boundary and open our hearts to see what else might be possible.
  9. Allowing Guidance in Stages - My Story - My whole approach shifted from demanding items on my ego-based list to asking what might bring me more happiness, or more success, or more growth.
  10. The Purpose of Dreams - Our wishes and dreams are sweet temptations that help us find the motivation we need to overcome obstacles.
  11. Lessons From The Universe - Receiving messages from the Universe means giving up attachment to the way you expect them to arrive, and learning to speak a different language.