What is “true” purpose? We all strive to find a satisfying life purpose, and for many that includes raising children, volunteering, or supporting a meaningful cause. It can also mean building a business that supports the community or the planet in a special way, or becoming a healer to improve the lives of others. Life can also be more meaningful if you adopt management policies in your business that include ownership stake or expanded creativity for employees, or employ those who couldn’t find work otherwise. If you have already found a way to add meaning to your life, then you are already on the right track.

A life path, whether it is especially meaningful or just in place for survival, is usually created with an ego, or human agenda, in charge. When we arrived in this world and received our separate human bodies, we were all issued an ego as well, and that ego has been doing its job to provide protection and separateness ever since. There is nothing wrong with that - we all have one, and it’s part of the experience.

A true purpose suggests that we also came here with a higher potential to contribute to humanity or the planet in a unique way. Often the lessons we learn on our ego-driven path will prepare us for that potential, and when we’re ready, we can pursue that higher purpose.

By definition, a path driven by ego will include some level of fear, separateness, and protection, and accordingly some degree of limit on your happiness. A path of true purpose will be driven by Divine wisdom and while it may ultimately have a similar result to the path you chose with ego at the helm, Divine wisdom will send you in unexpected directions toward unique opportunities and perfect connections that your ego would never be able to see. Your audience or customer base might be different than you expected, you may develop creative skills you never knew you had, or you might specialize your efforts in a way that you would never have considered. On a bigger scale, you may choose a series of unrelated careers that deliver you perfectly to the one you were meant to pursue and would never have created on your own. No matter the differences, the happiness potential of your true purpose is much higher than any ego could imagine.

What’s the catch? You can’t just decide to rise above your ego, or use will power to hear the voice of the Divine. Pursuing a path of true purpose means healing the issues that the ego uses to hold you in place, growing and changing beyond those limits, and allowing your connection with the Divine to take charge. If you’re doing it right, your ego will be threatened because you are overriding its very purpose, and it takes courage and dedication to keep growing toward a higher plane in spite of that challenge.

From my own experience, I can say that pursuing a path of true purpose is worth every minute, and that is why I have devoted my life, my practice, and this website, to helping people find it for themselves.