Working with Tina was an extraordinary experience. I laughed, cried, released old traumas and programming…and I changed!! Tina’s knowledge and implementation of EFT combined with her intuition, kindness, and generosity were almost magical. I strongly recommend this process to anyone looking for transformation and healing in their lives. Angelica G.
My sessions with Tina have been inspiring, funny and give a new perspective on how to approach life. I feel very lucky to have found her, she is the perfect balance of spiritual insight and a sharp analytical mind. It is her brilliance, kindness, and extreme generosity I will be forever grateful for. Thanks Tina! Christa H.
Working with Tina has been amazing! I had an overwhelming amount of issues from both my past and the present. Her masterful approach to EFT and life coaching has released me from a mountain of trauma, and has also been instrumental in saving my 25-year marriage. She has been a gift to my life. Linette H.
It was amazing working with you, and seeing how far this process could take me. My attitudes and reactions are so much different, and I now have the strength to make the changes I want rather than taking on the junk of other people’s emotions – a huge step for me! When I first contacted you, I really did not envisage that I would feel this immense change and shift within myself and I guess that comes from working with a really good teacher!! Suki S.
The EFT examples I have seen online did not prepare me for a process this deep and effective. Tina's approach was deep, focused and far more specific than I thought was possible, and she found issues that I never would have seen myself. My healing path has taken a whole new direction, and I can feel the changes taking hold. I will be back for more! Lisa G.
What an amazing process! I walked into this believing that I needed to hang on to all of my past experience because it makes me who I am. Working with Tina has shown me that I can keep the wisdom but lose the heartache. It’s a brand new world! Sonia C.
Tina is all about keeping it real. I learned so much about my true self and how being completely authentic can open brand new doors in my life. I spent years in a relationship trying to compromise and be understanding, but it just felt oppressive. Now I have the courage to express myself and find people who love me as I really am. Mary P.
I knew I had issues with my mother, but didn’t realize how they were affecting me. In this process, we resolved things I never would have seen as a problem, and now I’m being more productive with clients. I have genuine patience with difficult people and I didn’t know that was possible. This was much more healing than I expected. Andrew G.
I thought I left my divorce behind, but I was surprised to see how much of the disappointment was still stuck in my system. Now that we found and cleared out all that dead weight, I have a lot more confidence and a new understanding of what “freedom” really feels like. Thank you, Tina! Amber G.
After sixty years, I FINALLY got the help I needed to get to the deepest core issues that weighed me down every second of every minute of my life. I can't remember all of the "self-help" seminars, books, etc that I have been through. I have done EFT on myself over 15 years, but I needed the expertise of Tina Craig to get to the real core issues. I literally feel physically lighter, even though the bathroom scale doesn't agree. G. Howard

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